Monday, January 11, 2016 at 12:12PM
Phil Wilkinson

On Saturday morning a dedicated team of coaches and parents braved the rain to start the big clean up of the Ings and the MUGA.

Dozens of sacks of sticks, branches and other rubbish were removed, along with whole trees and wrecked goalposts, though we had to admit defeat when it came to the 1 tonne hay bales.

We're also really grateful to Wetherby Fire Brigade who, despite working 24/7 over the last few weeks, were able to come down at short notice and hose down the MUGA, removing all the silt and grime that elbow grease alone were never going to shift.  By the end of the morning the MUGA surface looked as good as new.

Thanks very much everyone who helped out, the bacon sandwiches were well earned.


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